Former King Juan Carlos Set To Return For Christmas

Spain’s former king Juan Carlos I is believed to be preparing his return from the United Arab Emirates where he has been living in semi forced exile since his departure from Spain in August of this year.

In a statement made by his legal team the monarch has paid a payment of €678,393.72 to the tax office, to settle an investigation into the use of credit cards whose source of funds was “opaque”.

The Attorney General had instigated a state investigation into the use of undeclared credit cards after the details of transactions were reported in El Diario newspaper.

The former monarch was, and still is, under investigation for undeclared income derived from commissions received for his role in the Mecca High Speed Link project that was awarded to a Spanish consortium by Saudi Arabia.

It is believed that the settlement will allow Juan Carlos to return to the Zarzuela Palace in time for Christmas and be present for his 83rd birthday on 5th January.

It is unknown if the return is likely to be a permanent one given that the investigation is ongoing.

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