Sanchez & Regions Muse Hardening Of Christmas Measures

Speaking this week to the Spanish Congress of Deputies, the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, raised the spectre of toughening the Christmas Plan restrictions, saying he will do so if necessary and “nobody should harbour any doubt that the government of Spain will propose it.”

Under the current state of alarm previsions, passed by the Congress in November, the government can impose additional measures to the ones in place, in order to combat the coronavirus spreading.

According to Ministry of Health figures released this week, the 14-day cumulative number of coronavirus cases is 201 per 100,000 inhabitants which is up from 189 last week.

Up until then, the virus incidence rate had been on a downward trend for five consecutive weeks.

Central and regional health officials meeting at the Inter-Territorial Council of the National Healthcare System, recently agreed a Christmas Plan to restrict movement and gatherings over the festive season, but Sanchez said further measures might be necessary should the idemiological data worsen.

The Christmas Plan includes a maximum gathering size of 10 people and the maintainance of night curfews with a slight relaxation for Christmas and New Years Eves.

The Council is due to meet today to consider tighter restrictions for the festive season to discuss if some regions with higher infrection rates should take tougher measures.

The Prime Minister said it was ” entirely up to us to prevent a third wave.” and urged citizens to “enjoy Christmas at home” and that “we cannot let our guard down. We have fought hard all year, united, and we are now facing this one last effort.”

To date Spain has recorded 1,782,566 coronavirus cases including 48,596 deaths.

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