ISIS Wannabe Sniper Arrested In Madrid

Spanish authorities have arrested a man who claimed he wanted to be the best sniper in ISIS and frequently posted pro-terror content on social media.

The suspect, name and age not disclosed, was arrested by the Spanish National Police in the municipality of Las Rozas in Madrid on 15th December.

Anti-terrorism police started investigating the suspect after he posted content in favour of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) on social media in September.

The authorities said he went through a major shift in lifestyle at the time, but did not give any further information.

The man claimed that he wanted to become “the best sniper shooter for ISIS” and join the fight in the city of Idlib in north-western Syria, according to a police report yesterday (16 December).

The police said the suspect was at an advanced stage of being radicalised during their investigation, and constantly posted pro-terrorist messages on social media from various locations to avoid capture.

He left comments praising the ‘Mujahideen’ and justified recent terror attacks across Europe such as the killing of French teacher Samuel Paty in October this year.

The report adds that given the suspect’s pro-ISIS sentiment, his disregard for his own life and his willingness to be a martyr, police decided to detain him.

The video shows the moment he was arrested in Las Rozas where he was living as a squatter.

Spanish police believe he did not have the financial means to actually join the fight in Syria, but did have active combatants in conflict zones as social media contacts without providing any further information.

The suspect appeared before the Central Court of Investigation in Madrid  which ruled that he be placed in prison yesterday (16 December).

He was charged with the crimes of self-indoctrination and glorifying terrorism. It is unclear if he has been given a court date.

The arrest follows the detention of an Iman in November accused of being an ISIS propagandist.


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