Spain’s First Driverless Bus Crashes On Debut

Spain’s first self-driving shuttle bus has been involved in an accident during its first day of service.

The accident took place at the Autonomous University of Madrid, in the Spanish capital Madrid on 20th October.

The driverless 12-seater bus, which was carrying several passengers at the time, reportedly stopped abruptly at low speed and the vehicle behind was unable to avoid a collision.

Luckily, no one was injured and the self-driving bus only suffered slight scratches on the back bumper.

At the moment of the accident, the vehicle was driving at a speed of 20 kph (12.4 mph).

The driverless bus was hit by a car from behind. (Newsflash)

The Regional Transport Consortium explained: “Neither the driver of the car nor anyone on the bus were injured, there’s only a small mark on the bus’ rear bumper.”

They also called the incident “a small mishap”.

Following the prang, the Easy Mile EZ10 was tested before continuing its service without further incident.

The clean-energy bus, which is 100 percent electric, is currently serving between the Cantoblanco station and Madrid’s university campus facilities during class hours.

The driverless bus is expected to be used in other Spanish regions in the near future.

The e-bus will be used to transport people to hospitals and urban centres.

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