“Speedy Gonzalez” Biker Cought Doing 300 Kph On Madrid Motorway

A biker who is seen here driving at over 300 kph on a motorway in Madrid has been arrested by Spanish National Police.

The man was arrested after he was spotted driving along the M-50 motorway in Madrid and travelling so fast that the wind ripped open the pocket of his jacket. and sent a chocolate bar flying, as can be seen in the footage.

The video clips show the biker driving on the busy motorway weaving among other vehicles, as reported by the police on 5th March.

The speedometer shows him raising the speed up to 302 kph (187 mph).

A second piece of footage shows him driving again at high speed, reaching up to 278 kph (172 mph).

According to reports, a netizen filed a complaint to police after the biker posted several videos of his stunts online.

The videos were reportedly recorded at the end of February, at the motorway which has a speed limit of 120 kph (74 mph).

The police, who investigated the case, found that the driver was travelling with the license plate folded inward to prevent identification.

However, the police identified the user who posted the videos and arrested him in the town of Parla after it was discovered he was the same person who had been riding the bike.

At the end of the first video, it shows the wind around the speeding bike ripping open his jacket pocket and sending his chocolate bar flying.

He was accused of crimes against security, according to local media.


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