Summer Festival & Market At Plaza de España

Following last years success ‘La Estival’ is back at the Plaza de España where it will remain until 10th September, with a unique mix of culture and family fun.

Thanks to Super 8 Entertainment, ‘La Estival’ once again has a wide variety of films for all audiences and ages, as well as shows. Performance include instrumental concerts, a cappella performances, monologues, live podcasts, animations set in movies, theme parties, and musical performances, which aim to make Plaza de España a unique and experiential space.

All the programming can be consulted on the official website

‘La Estival’ will have a large 120m2 screen, a stage for performances and a capacity of 750 seats, with a large 1600m2 gastronomic area. The audio will be broadcast through wireless stereo headphones that will allow you to listen to the film in the original or dubbed version, guaranteeing viewers quality audio that will not be interfered with by outside noise.

Tickets for the summer cinema can be purchased at or in Plaza de España, as well as on the Palacio de la Prensa website and physically in the Palacio de la Prensa (Gran Vía, 46).


Gastronomy once again has the participation of chef Javier Muñoz-Calero Calderón, one of the main protagonists of Madrid gastronomy with his restaurant Ovillo, with which he has obtained several awards such as the selection in the Michelin Guide 2023 or a Sol Repsol (2021 and 2022).

It will not be necessary to have a ticket to enjoy the gastronomic area where there will be a chill out rest area. All designed to be able to quietly enjoy the proposal prepared by Muñoz-Calero. Inclusive cuisine that takes into account all special needs and food intolerances. There will be no shortage of tacos, hamburgers, or hot dogs, all with vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free options, as well as refreshing drinks such as slashes or natural fruit smoothies and cocktails.

Summer Market

With the aim of creating a more complete experience for attendees, this year ‘La Estival’ adds a Summer Market to its space that ends up recreating that festive and summer atmosphere around the summer cinema. You can find craft stalls, clothing, accessories, art and other products.

Solidarity thanks to Fundación Raíces

As is common in the different Super 8 Entertainment projects, La Estival will also have a solidarity aspect thanks to Fundación Raíces and its Cocina Conciencia project, a project with which Javier Muñoz-Calero, along with many other chefs from our country, It has been collaborating since 2010. Its objective is the social and labor insertion of young people without family references in Spain.

On this occasion, ‘La Estival’ is offering job opportunities in positions such as waiter, kitchen staff, cleaning, table clearing, cashier, maintenance, or gardening. These job positions are the first employment opportunity for young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25.

Chill Out área

La Estival will have a 1,600 m2 terrace with artificial grass, fans and vegetation. A space for relaxation that will make visitors forget that they are in the heart of the city. The vegetation and plants will play a fundamental role in creating a unique setting.


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