Scooter Thief Stages Own Kidnapping After Police Stop

This is the moment a bungling thief puts on handcuffs to pretend that he had been kidnapped when caught red handed with dozens of stolen scooters.

The arrest operation took place in a place of the district of Carabanchel, in the south of Madrid, on 25th July.

Police said that the suspect had allegedly stolen around 30 scooters valued at EUR 40,000 from a shop in the town of Talavera de la Reina, situated around 100 kms from Madrid.

The investigation led police to his hideaway where he had stashed the stolen goods.

Officers contacted with the owner of the place and he told them that the lock had been changed without his permission.

Then they heard someone moaning inside the place.

Inside, they found the stolen vehicles and man who was handtied and muzzled, claiming he had been kidnapped.

They also found the cap of the man which had been used the night before to cover his face for the moment of the robbery.

The 31-year-old man, who pretended to be abducted, was finally arrested.


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