Supreme Constitutional Court Sides For Sex For Debt Ruling

Spain’s Supreme Constitutional Court in Madrid has rejected a woman’s appeal against a sentence that did not consider it a crime for oral sex as a condition for debt repayment.

In a bizarre legal case, the Constitutional Court rejected the appeal of a woman who had filed a sexual abuse compliant against her former brother-in-law at the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca last month.

The woman, 38, told the regional court that she felt “psychologically obliged” to pay with oral sex after he requested that she pay him back €15,000 she owed with fellatio.

She explained how she had asked her ex-husband’s brother, to transfer the money to her account, something he agreed to do without initially stipulating when and how she should pay him back.

Later, the man reportedly told her that due to the favour she owed, she had to give him “two or three blow jobs a week and be his prostitute whilst the debt was outstanding.”

The defendant, 58, maintained his innocence, arguing that they’d reached “a deal to have sexual relations in return for lending her €15,000 without interest.”

His lawyer argued that “demanding compliance with a previously accepted deal does not constitute a crime”.

He told the court that his ex-sister-in-law only filed a complaint after she had changed her mind about the sexual encounters.

The Mallorca court ruled that “there was no evidence of sexual abuse or coercion”, stating that “it was a freely agreed relationship” between the two consenting adults and that the arrangement ceased “when there was no consent” by the woman.

The woman’s claim was dismissed and the man does not face any further proceedings or legal issues without “any consequence other than claiming the debt”.

When the woman appealled the ruling to Spain’s Constitutional Court, the judges concluded that the case did not justify “special constitutional significance”, and it was dismissed.

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