Top 5 Tips To Encourage Your Child’s Cooperation During The Lockdown

Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Cooperation During The Lockdown.

Regardless of your kids’ age, having their cooperation is the secret to surviving this lockdown.

Everything will be easier if your kids tidy up their toys after playing, do their homework when they have to and help out around the house. If only they did as you asked as soon as you asked them!

But after a month in the lockdown, it’s no surprise if your kids are running wild and you and your partner are at your wit’s end.

What can you as a parent do to take control and bring back some peace into your family?

  1. Spend time together with no agenda. Let your child take the lead. Do whatever it is they’re interested in without any objective but to be with them and get to know them more. If this seems like too much for you, you can set a timer of 10 or 15 minutes and let them know that you’re all theirs for that period. Remember to drink water and go to the bathroom beforehand!
  2. Describe or give information. Give them the space to realize what needs to be done, instead of asking them to do it. Think, more “The bathroom light is on” and less “Can you turn off the light please?” or “Turn off the light.”
  3. Offer options. No one likes to be told what to do. When you give a child options, they are able to exert their own autonomy. Beware of options that are hidden threats like, “You either watch TV now or you don’t watch at all.” Make sure they are both valid options, “You can watch TV now or after lunch.”
  4. Acknowledge them. When they do do something you’re grateful for, be genuinely thankful – but hold that “Good job!” coming out of your mouth. Instead, focus on the impact of their actions. “Thank you for keeping your toys. Now we have more time to read books!”
  5. Keep your expectations in check. Young kids aren’t able to follow multi-step directions and tired and/or hungry kids can’t be as cooperative.

These simple changes in the way you interact with your kids can make a big difference. Connecting with them and giving them autonomy will lead to a family atmosphere of love, trust and interdependence.

Denise Suarez is a parenting coach in Madrid. She helps parents enjoy parenting. Through one-on-one sessions, parents are able to let go of frustration, guilt and anger and embrace calm, confidence and love.

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