Top 7 Universities in Madrid

The city of Madrid has some top universities not just in Spain or Europe, but in the world too. These universities offer a wide range of courses for both local and international students. It doesn’t matter whether a student is looking for full-time or part-time courses, they will find them all at some of Madrid’s top universities. 

A professional academic writer Lauren Bradshaw from Custom Writings said:

“The Spanish capital of Madrid is a very fun and incredible place to study for international students because it is diverse and vibrant”

Over the years, Madrid has made a name for itself as one of the go-to places to get higher education for international students. 

When in Madrid, paper writing services say that students can also learn Spanish, which is a very beautiful language spoken by close to 500 million people across the world. The opportunity to learn Spanish is too good to turn down for some students because they see it as a language they can add to their resume to land better jobs in the future. 

Even if a student chooses to stay in Madrid after their studies, there are so many opportunities and jobs that can be found in a variety of industries. With the assistance of a professional essay writing service, this article will look at the top 7 universities found in the lovely city of Madrid.

  • Autonomous University of Madrid 

This is easily one of the best universities in Spain and welcomes both local and international students. Natural sciences are what this university specializes in and offers courses in applied sciences,  economic and commercial sciences, psychology and medicine, teacher training and education, arts and philosophy, and law. 

It is a very attractive place to study for international students because of the affordable tuition fee. The university is very diverse, with 15% of the students coming from other countries. Overall, it is worth pointing out that there are over 72 unrecognized master’s degrees, 94 Ph.D. programs, and some undergraduate programs.

  • The Complutense University of Madrid 

With a history that goes back to 1927, it is one of the oldest universities in Spain and the world. Just like the educational institute above, international students are welcome and have a chance to study English courses as well as non-degree programs. 

Any student that wants to learn the Spanish language can also do so on top of completing their desired course. Some of the most notable courses on offer include education and learning sciences, media and communications sciences, and most importantly, computer science. Students that are looking for a course in veterinary medicine and geography can also find it at this university. 

Graduates from this amazing university can land a job in  Spain very quickly plus there are some summer courses or study abroad programs that can take students to countries like the USA, France, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

  • Charles III University of Madrid 

Any student that wants to study a master’s and Bachelor’s program in English should look no further than the Charles III University of Madrid. It has an outstanding reputation and offers programs in courses such as engineering, social sciences, communication, government or political science, law, business, and economics. It is a very good place for international students who come from English-speaking countries because they will be able to settle in with ease.

  • Schiller International University in Madrid 

This university has made a name for itself in both Spain and the world for teaching students the fundamentals of leadership, which is a quality or skill people need in both their personal and professional life. 

There are 4-degree programs on offer at this university which are online, master’s, undergraduate, and associate degree courses. It is one of the top English universities in Spain, with admission all year round. Students that have graduated from this university or college have gone on to have promising careers.

  • Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus 

Another university that teaches courses in English is this one, and it is thanks to its American heritage. Students who enroll at this university get an American education in a Spanish city, and a combination of both cultures provides an amazing learning experience. 

It does not get any better than that for most international students, and good quality American graduate and undergraduate programs are all on offer. There are summer programs, English literature and Spanish language, two M.A. programs, and close to 100 undergraduate programs for students to choose from.

  • Universidad Europea de Madrid 

This is a private university, and it makes this list because of the top-quality education it offers to students. The main areas this educational institution focuses on are renewable energy,  sports, health, education, and society. 

Students have a chance to obtain bilingual certificates which does their chances of landing a job in the future no harm, plus there are well over 80 programs to choose from. An incredible 24% of the students are foreign and courses are taught not just in English and Spanish, but also in Italian and French. 

The level of education students get over there is worth every single penny, plus students can also improve their communication skills, international approach, and management skills all at once.

  • Nebrija University 

Last on the list is this small private university that offers a wide range of degree programs for both local and international students. Academic writing services say the timetable of this university is very flexible with students being able to combine work, personal life, and studies with ease. 

The 6 areas of study or faculties found at this university include the health sciences center, social science, arts and letters, communications sciences, business school, polytechnic, and school of architecture. 

There is a center on campus that specializes in teaching students Spanish and everything they need to know about the culture of the Spanish people. It is important to note that tuition fees are high at these places when compared to other universities and colleges; however, the top-quality education a student gets is worth the asking price.

Final thoughts 

A lot of professional writing services say together with Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London, Madrid is one of the most visited cities not just in Spain, but in Europe. People love this city because of the culture, the people, and the lifestyle of the Spanish people. The universities mentioned above do their best to provide the best education possible for both local and international students. Though international students pay higher tuition fees compared to the locals, the opportunities they get are similar. To be accepted, custom writing services go on to say that an exam needs to be taken and passed by a student to show how much they want to get enrolled.

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