UK And Spanish Police Bring Down Erectile Dysfunction Drug Gang

A major distributor of erectile dysfunction drugs on the Internet has been busted in a joint operation between Spanish and UK cops.

The raids took place in Spain where the gang, that is reported to be one of the biggest worldwide for distributing illegal pharmaceuticals, had their operations.

Police started investigating the gang three years ago and found that as well as erectile dysfunction drugs they had branched out into covering other illegal pharmaceuticals including COVID-19 and HIV medication.

They had amassed a client base which in Spain alone involved a network of 6,000 regular customers, who mostly acted as dealers to sell the medication on.

The firm dealt with its clients via the dark Web and took payments via cryptocurrencies.

The ringleader was a German man based in Singapore, whose identity and age was not revealed.

He was arrested with his business partner in the city of Munich in the southern German state of Bavaria on 13th October, 2020.

Spanish police said that the major drugs bust was possible thanks to a corporation with customs officials in Munich, as well as the Bamberg Public Prosecutor’s Office in Germany, and also with UK cops, US officials, and EUROPOL.

According to the police statement obtained by Newsflash, after starting to investigate the gang three years ago they made the first round of arrests in January 2018 after taking 25 people into custody and searched 12 different locations.

They recovered 500,000 doses of 62 different types of medication which were being sold illegally because they were not authorised for sale over the internet.

They also recovered EUR 320,000 (GBP 290168) in bank accounts and a total of EUR 23,000 (GBP 20855,84) in cash and EUR 65,000 (GBP 58,940) in cryptocurrencies that was also blocked.

Electronic devices found allowed the police to discover that the drugs were being imported from India and Singapore through postal services and international parcel companies.

The substances were then distributed in Spain through the dark web, using illegal virtual pharmacies.

It was thanks to the analysis of the devices seized in the first raid that the Spanish Police identified the German citizen as a suspect.

He was a well-established businessman in Singapore with what police found was a huge infrastructure for the illicit distribution of drugs.

As a result, from January last year, the investigation switched focus on the German ringleader and the Spanish operation.

In Spain, the gang mainly operated in selling erectile dysfunction drugs, but in other countries of the world, they dealt in antibiotics, cancer medication, alleged drugs against the COVID-19 virus and HIV medication.

The series of raids on this occasion recovered goods worth EUR 1.5 million (GBP 1360163,32), three high-end vehicles, electric cars, luxury watches, cryptocurrencies worth EUR 600,000 (GBP 544,065) and computer equipment.

The sale of these drugs in Spain is carefully regulated where side effects are monitored once they have been approved by a qualified doctor.

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