Video Games in Education: Main Features Advantages and Disadvantages

In the conditions of the knowledge economy, modern high-tech companies require from employees perfect knowledge of exact sciences and the ability to solve complex tasks creatively. Therefore, the training of a new competitive generation depends mainly on innovative technologies, which contribute to increasing the awareness of students and, at the same time, save costs for the educational process. One of the evolutionary innovations in the past was the combination of learning with game technologies, which today take the form of video games.

Basic Functions of Video Games in Education

Modern scientists believe that video games and education are interconnected. Here is a list of functions that games in nursing education perform:

  • Motivating (causes student interest);
  • Sociable (learning the elements of communication culture of future specialists);
  • Self-realization (every participant of the game realizes his capabilities);
  • Developmental (development of attention, will, and other mental qualities);
  • Entertainment (getting pleasure);
  • Diagnostic (detection of deviations in knowledge, abilities, skills, behavior);
  • Corrective (making positive changes in the personality structure of future specialists).

It should not be assumed that these functions are performed only by games in nursing education. Different types of video games perform the functions described above, including:

  • 6th grade physical education games;
  • Catholic religious education games;
  • Physical education soccer games;
  • Physical education parachute games;
  • Diabetes education games for adults;
  • Physical education dodgeball games;
  • Education games for wii, etc.

Benefits of Learning Using Video Games

Scientists see the advantage of using girl education games because students learn new cognitive skills. For example, they develop logical thinking and spatial sense and learn to cooperate, which prepares them for further learning and solving other problem situations. It is worth noting the ability of mac education games to influence the motivational sphere. Moving into the realm of the game, there is an element of surprise, clear and achievable goals, and a series of choices that lead to significant consequences.

Other arguments in support of physical education bowling games are related to experimental studies that indicate that learning using serious games is more effective than traditional forms. In addition, the material learned with the help of video games is stored in students’ memory longer and is more structured, which serves as a foundation for building further knowledge.  Proponents of this argument note that many other countries are currently looking to integrate video games into their physical education programs and that the United States is lagging behind in technology. In addition, serious games offer an opportunity for students to learn about a sport or activity that does not require expensive equipment or regular practice.

Cons of Using Video Games in Education

Pointing to problem areas related to the use of video games in education, it is worth noting the following:

  1. The game is still perceived by many teachers as an activity for free time without special educational value;
  2. There is an urgent need to develop clear video game learning outcomes that meet national curriculum standards;
  3. There are problems related to the lack of equipment, the lack of the necessary number of modern video cards, and the compliance of the developed games with the technological limitations of specific educational institutions.

Despite the problematic moments, texas law related education games create a unique educational process that absorbs its participants and at the same time pursues specific pedagogical goals and predict specific outcomes. Therefore, their use is considered appropriate.

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