Batman In Lamborghini Fined In Busy Madrid Street

Batman has been stopped and fined by cops for not having the proper paperwork while driving a Lamborghini in a busy Madrid street.

A video of the incident was recorded on the day of the incident.


The exact date that the caped crusader was stopped is unclear, however, it was shared by authorities on Monday 14th September.

The video shows the moment several vehicles transit the busy street as a patrol car with flashing lights is parked behind a black Lamborghini which has a passing resemblance to the Batmobile.

The camera then zooms in on the black vehicle to show a man in the driver’s seat wearing a Batman costume as two cops stand on each side.

The cops walk away from the vehicle apparently after handing the masked man his sanction, who can be seen speaking with the passenger as the video ends.

The reason behind the man’s costume is unclear, however, he is reported to be a YouTuber, although, he has not been named.

The video was filmed by someone in the area who saw the stop and sanction take place and was later shared by the Madrid Municipal Police.

They captioned the funny video with the note: “Even superheroes must respect the rules.

“With road safety, you do not play around. Sanctioned and back to the Batcave.”

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