Canal Isabell II´s “We Are Water” Exhibition

The Castellana 214 Exhibition Hall at the Fundación Canal is hosting a fascinating immersive Somos Agua – We are water experience designed to show the importance of water for life and to inspire the necessary change for its conservation and sustainable management.

Somos Agua (We are water) highlights just how fundamental water is in life – being not only the creator trigger and origin of life but also is the key component to its continuing existence.

The exhibition run by the Madrid water agency,  Canal de Isabel II, offers a 360 degree immersive vision of the water environment, with informative technical and scientific content, through captivating installations, images and audiovisual material

The exhibition spans 2,500m2 and is organised into 12 themed sections which cover all aspects related to water.

Several themes focus on aspects like the role of rivers as cultural and natural landscape creators, the wealth of the different ecosystems, the relationship between water and power or their physical and chemical properties.  Other everyday tasks are also brought to the visitor, such as bringing water to the city, its domestic and industrial consumption, or the concept of water footprint, in terms of everyday activities.

Some of the most relevant sections focus on solutions for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, which are being undertaken in sustainable water management.

The visitor passes through a route that follows the natural cycle of water and is presented in an extremely visual way, in which visitors are submerged throughout the route that includes a meandering river, impressive audiovisuals, the sound of waterfalls, rain or the trickling of streams until returning to the sea.

The route goes through the large-scale audiovisual resources, some of which are 6 metres high and more than 30 metres long, and Europe’s longest LED tunnel.



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