Dramatic Donkey Helicopter Rescue In Madrid Sierra

This is the moment a group of firefighters rescue a donkey with the help of a chopper after she became tangled in a thick bush and a wire fence.


The rescue was carried out by firefighters with the help of a chopper from the Special Group of Rescue in Height (GERA) in the Spanish town of El Boalo in the Sierra of Madrid yesterday (4 March).

The authorities released a statement saying they were contacted by a cattle farmer who was the owner of the stranded donkey who he affectionately named Olivia.

Local media said the farmer, who has not been named, became aware of Olivia’s absence when he was counting down his donkeys but noticed one was missing.

He found Olivia tangled in brambles and metal wiring. The donkey was exhausted after apparently trying to free herself for a long period of time.

After being unable to free Olivia himself, the farmer called the emergency services which sent firefighters and a GERA chopper to assist in the operation after a local veterinarian sedated Olivia for the rescue.

The video shows the firefighters waiting for the helicopter as they direct the pilot towards them before placing the harness around the donkey.

The chopper is then seen flying off with the donkey who is hanging from it as they fly off into the distance and the video ends.

Oliva was taken back to her cattle farmer and was not reported to be seriously injured in the incident.


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