Friday The 13th – Unlucky For Some But Not In Spain….

Today is Friday the 13th – traditionally a day of bad luck in the western world – but not in Spain, where the unluckiest day is Tuesday 13th.

Tuesday 13th, is known as “Martes Trece”, and is traditionally thought to bring the ‘mala suerte’ (bad luck) rather than Friday 13th.

There are thought to be many reasons for the number 13 to be considered bad luck, but the Tuesday addition is thought to be related to its Spanish translation, ‘martes’, which is etymologically derived from Mars, the Roman God Of War.

There is a medical phobia called ‘Trezidavomartiofobia’ (fear of Tuesday 13th), causing an uncontrollable fear of leaving the house and coming into contact with others to add scientific weight to the Spanish claim.

Indeed there are many sayings in the language associated with it such as “En martes ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes,”  which translates as “On Tuesday, don’t marry, don’t start a journey nor leave your house.”

So if your loved one ask you to the chapel today – dont delay!


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