Larsen´s Revenge As Kings Former Lover Aims For Payout

The former alleged mistress of the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos, has filed a lawsuit for damages in a London court accusing him of spying on her – the latest twist in the ex-monarch’s private and financial affairs.

The High Court of Justice in London has made public a civil suit filed by Corinna Larsen, known by her full married name Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn Larsen, a Danish-German socialite, long linked, to Juan Carlos I for damages for his alleged harassment.

The 20-page court document, outlines Larsen´s case for an injunction restraining the emeritus king from contacting her, following her, defaming her or coming within a distance of 150 metres of her due to “covert and overt surveillance” that was allegedly carried out by Spanish CNI secret agents at the behest of Juan Carlos.

The relationship between the two came into the public spotlight in 2012, following a hunting accident that the former king suffered in Botswana, and which required hospitalisation upon his return to Spain.

The incident caused widespread dismay in Spain leading to his public apology at a time of economic hardship in Spain.

The king abdicated in favour of his son, Felipe V in 2014.

In the last few years the kings troubles have multiplied with several ongoing cases against him for financial irregularities.

Swiss state prosecutors are still investigating possible money laundering charges following the uncovering of bank accounts where up to 100 million Euros had been transfered by Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah as comission for Juan Carlos´role in securing the Spanish consortium to build the high speed rail link to Mecca.

The former Spanish monarch later transferred a part of that sum to Larsen, who reportedly lives in London, in what investigators suspect was an attempt to hide it from authorities. It appears that Larsen’s reluctance to return the money to Juan Carlos is the cause of their current animosity.

Juan Carlos left Spain last August , amid much secrecy to live in the United Arab Emirates, where he still resides.
The Spanish authorities are also investigating financial irregularities including the links to the kickbacks for the Saudi contract as well as a number of sources of funds that were spent using credit cards for him and other members of the Royal Family.


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