Last Chance To Take The Dalí Challenge

This week is the last opportunity to take the Dalí Challenge, a personal immersion into the creative universe of Dalí through a unique and innovative visual experience & exhibition.

The exhibition organisers, ArtDidakit, under licence from the Salvador Dali Foundation, pose the question to the curious: Do you dare meet the genius of the 20th century like you have ever imagined in your wildest dreams?

If the answer is yes then this unique “sensory and multimedia journey” through the artist´s life and work is for you.

The exhibition is the first of its kind and can be seen at the Espacio 5.1 in the IFEMA exhibition hall until March 5th.

The 2,000 m2 exhibition space displays 160 of the author’s works in digital format,using technologies like virtual and augmented reality. It is an innovative exhibition model that combines the best of traditional exhibitions, immersive experiences and multimedia educational content.

The exhibition format uses ” inspiring art and cutting-edge technologies” to allow visitors to be so immersed that they “feel the art,” entering the Dali labyrinth through canvases in light boxes, vinyls, screens, 3D glasses, augmented reality, virtual reality and micro mapping.

This is all accompanied by an audio-tale guide that accompanies the visitors on their journey.

The groundbreaking concept of feeling art rather than looking at art allows the exhibition to take Dalí’s Theatre-Museum concept, which the artist himself created in Figueres, with which he intended to combat the idea of the passive spectator, encouraging visitors to question and participate at all times.

Visitors will be immersed in key elements to understand the Dalí Universe with a journey that goes from the figure of Gala to surrealism, as well as the world of dreams, ending with a virtual reality journey through Empordà, a landscape that inspired much of the artist’s work.

In this way, maybe we can maybe get a small glimpse into Dalí’s mind and genuis.

How to get there

Where: Space 5.1 FERIA DE MADRID, Avenida Parthenon 5, 28042 Madrid.

Travelling by Metro :L8 to the FERIA DE MADRID station.

By bus : Lines 112, 122, 828. ( get off at FERIA DE MADRID )

By car: The M11 motorway ( exits 5 and 7), the M40 motorway ( exits 5, 6 and 7), the A2 motorway (exit 7) South (Sur) access to IFEMA.  The area has its own car park (yellow).







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