Lisi Frachia New Collection Premiered At Ritz

The Madrid Metropolitan had the pleasure of attending a private sale of the new collection of the beautiful jewellery designed by the famous designer Lisi Fracchia.

The event was a joint venture organised by Lisi and Nehad Sharaf, the CEO of Alya Society for its many members to enjoy along with other professionals such as experts in fashion communication, for example Jesus Reyes the CEO of the highly successful company, Coolhunting Madrid Comunicación.

The event was held in the beautiful Real Academia room in the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel in Madrid.

Replete with important influencers such as Mon Rovi or Sonia Mari Andrés it was a fantastic event enjoyed by all and of course was highly successful from a sales point of view with exquisite jewellery pieces to suit every taste, certainly hard to resist investing in one of Lisi’s pieces of impressive artwork!

The event was open most of the day for people to wander in when best suited them, with the chance to have a drink while admiring Lisi’s jewellery.
Lisi who is a famous gemmologist who has triumphed and certainly made her mark in her profession over the last few years and has important people including The queen of Spain enjoying her pieces amongst many other influential people.

On sale at the event where impressive pieces such as a stunning pair of earrings worn by the famous Venezuelan model Michell Roxana at the Oscars this year.

The actress Azucena de la Fuente wore Lisi´s designs at the Goya Awards.  The actress Maria Hervas wore Lisi´s designs at the Cannes film festival, the actress Jana Perez at the fotogramas awards, the singer Amparo Sandino wore Lisi´s designs on the cover of her latest album, the actress Adriana Torrebejano at the Malaga film festival and the TV presenter Anne Igartiburu on many of her Corazon TV programmes.

Ana Maria Simon and Nancy Dupla will wear Lisi’s designs at the next Premios Platino Awards.

You can purchase Lisi´s pieces at

Abi Lindsay Clark

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