Madrid Covid Surge Continues As Spain Reports Record Infections

The Spanish Ministry of Health announced that 27,404 new Covid-19 cases and 101 deaths were registered over the weekend with Madrid continuing to be the epicentre of the second coronavirus wave that has been hitting the country since July.

The Madrid region registered 10,864 new cases and 25 deaths in the same period.

The toll from other regions are much lower with Andalusia with 2,512 infections, Castilla y León 2,097, the Basque Country 1,451, Aragón 1,282, Murcia 1,136 and Catalonia 1,073.

However the junior Health Minister, Silvia Calzón pointed out that there were far more tests being administered and a much lower hospitalisation rate of 7.5 nationally and 18% in the Communidad de Madrid compared to the rates in March and April when hospitalisation rate was closer to 50%.

Most Covid-19 positive results show that the majority people have have mild or no symptoms.

According to statistics from the Madrid based Carlos III Institute that was quoted in the Guardian newspaper, 25% of new cases across Spain are being detected in people aged 15-29, while those aged 15-59 account for 71% of new cases.

To date Spain has recorded 593,730 coronavirus cases representing 265.5 cases per 100,000 compared to France on 140.6 and the UK on 41.7.

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