Madrid Village Named Amongst Spain´s Most Beautiful

The Association of Spain´s Most Beautiful Villages has added the Madrid region´s Nuevo Baztán to it´s list.

Situated 47 kms to south-east of the capital and close the river Tajuña, the addition means that the Communidad de Madrid has now boasts 2 villages on the list of the country´s most beautiful along with the nearby Chinchon.

Nuevo Baztán was founded in the early eighteenth century as a model village by the Goyeneche family, who were leading merchants and landowners in Spain at that time.

The family also built themselves an imposing baroque palace which can be visited today.

The village itself was built by Juan de Goyeneche (1656–1735) to accommodate industrial and agricultural workers to man the factories that produced munitions and glassware.

The Goyeneche family financed not only the palaces, churches, and factories, but also the houses for the employees, many of whom were brought from other regions of Spain withthe promise of work and accommodation.

In the 1950s and 60s the village and surrounds became a magnet for Hollywood film producers, who filmed such blockbusters as  “El Zorro”, “The Return of the Magnificent Seven” and The Three Musketeers” there.

The town´s  Tourism Office will be hoping to capitalise on the village´s addition to the list, to promote itself as weekend break destination for Madrileños to visit the palace and historic centre and to enjoy the village´s gastronomic delights including cheeses, stews, meats and wines in its traditional asadors and restaurants.

The village can be reached by the 261 bus from Madrid or excursions and days out can be booked at Madrid Chauffeur Tours



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