Madrid´s ANTIK Fair Set for April

Until very recently the antiques market in Spain was the domain of a few collectors and not a popular pastime or business for most people.

Over the last few years, attitudes have changed and increasingly Spaniards see the value of the old over the new for furniture, decorative items and clothing.

The ANTIK (Almoneda Spring Edition Antiques, Art, and Collectors)  Fair is a fantastic exhibition of vintage items that are all at least 50 years old.

The expo is getting ready for a unique edition that will take place from April 6–14, 2024, where vintage will be given a lot of attention in terms of décor and accessories like clothing, jewelry, and costume jewelry.

The fair has a large number of exhibitors from the immediate post war world and craftsmanship from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are heavily featured including classic furniture, household linen, watches, bags, lamps, rugs, archaeology and silver as well as paintings and sculptures by established and current artists.

All of the articles make up a wide range of unique pieces full of historic content and charm at affordable prices for all those interested in taking their first steps in the collecting world.

Entry from just 5 Euros can be purchased here.



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