Off-Duty Policeman Hailed Hero For Saving Drunk Metro Passenger

A Madrid off-duty policeman has been hailed a hero for dragging a drunk man off the edge of a metro platform seconds before the train arrived.

The incident took place at the Carabanchel metro station in the south of Madrid on Monday 18th January.

The policeman, identified by his first name Santiago, managed to drag the man away from the tracks moments before the metro train arrived.

The off-duty officer said the man was not moving and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The 30-year-old officer was on his way home after work when he noticed the man staggering around the edge of the platform and nearly fell on the tracks.

The allegedly drunk man then sat on the edge before the train arrived.

The officer shouted to the passenger, but he did not react and the officer ran to the platform to drag him to safety before a tube pulled up.

Santiago told the media source Telemadrid: “I got there just in time to drag the man away and prevent him being hit about eight or nine seconds later.”

The emergency services arrived on the scene to attend the passenger minutes later.

Police officers accompanied the man out of the station afterwards.

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