Shocking Beating Of Lambs In Slaughterhouse Filmed.

These are the shocking images of workers kicking and hitting lambs inside a slaughterhouse close to Madrid.

The images were sent to the NGO Equalia by an anonymous filmer who took them from outside a slaughterhouse in the city of Toledo, in the central Spanish province of the same name.

In the video, published online by Equalia, the lambs can be seen being beaten, dragged by their legs or thrown through the air.

According to a press statement by Equalia: “In the video, continuous irregularities in animal welfare are observed, such as lambs being beaten and kicked, or sick goats and lambs forced to walk towards the slaughter line.

“It can also be observed how food safety and hygiene regulations are violated, when operators, outside their working hours, introduce a group of more than fifty unidentified lambs, placing the ear tags already inside the same pen.

“As they are not identified, the traceability of the animal is lost, which can be a public health problem. In addition, an operator repeatedly urinates in the pens where the animals are housed.”

According to Equalia spokesperson Maria Villaluenga in an interview with Newsflash, they have spent the last two years working on an official decree for the mandatory installation of surveillance cameras by the Ministry of Consumption.

Equalia launched its Right to Information campaign at the end of 2018, by which it calls for the installation by law of video surveillance cameras in all slaughterhouses, as a tool to support veterinary work, to guarantee compliance with animal welfare standards and food safety.

Maria said: “The installation of CCTV cameras will help avoid the recurrence of these breaches of animal welfare.”

The spokesperson says they estimate that currently 70 per cent of all animals are already slaughtered in slaughterhouses with video surveillance cameras, following the action protocol proposed by Equalia, and that they are set to debate the decree in parliament soon.

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