Spain Prepares For Stay At Home Christmas

The Spanish government´s message this year is ” Stay Home” after the central health ministry met with regional leaders at the Inter-Territorial Council of the National Health System to agree a co-ordinated national policy for the festive season.

Spain´s 17 autonomous communities have had the competence for implementing the health protocols and measures since the end of the initial state of alarm in June and it´s reimposition in October in response to the second wave of coronavirus in the country.

The festive restrictions will allow for for citizen movement across the country´s autonomous communities  between December 23rd and January 6th, to visit relatives or close friends.

The Spanish Health Minister, Salvador Illa said that includes  people with whom “strong bonds of affection” exist.

It is unclear how this measure is to be enforced by the Civil Guard and national police whose task it will be to mount regional border checks.

In a modification of an earlier directive the central government have agreed to have maximum capacity of social gatherings at 10 people for December 24th, 25th, and 31st and January 1st) up from the regular limit of six.

In addition, the midnight curfew is set to be extended to 1.30am curfew on Christmas and New Year’s Eves.

Not all of the autonomous communities supported the final measures however with both Madrid and Catalonia voted against it despite having similar plans in place for the festive season.


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