Twin Daughters Of Russian Exile Found Dead After “Falling From Window”

The Spanish authorities are investigating the suspicious deaths of the twin daughters who were found dead after falling from a window.

The bodies of the 12-year-old sisters were found by their father, Igor Zuev, outside their apartment block in Oviedo, a town in northwest Spain’s autonomous community Asturias on the morning of Friday, 19th May.

He is reportedly a vocal supporter of Ukraine since the Russian invasion and a vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin.

Police named the girls as Alexandra and Anastasia and say they are investigating their deaths.

The Zuev family – Igor, his wife Olga and their daughters and 10-year-old son – left Russia over two years ago for a new life in the West, according to local media.

Photo shows an illustrative image of an apartment building in Oviedo, Spain, where 12-year-old twin sisters died, undated. They reportedly died after falling from a sixth-story window of the building where they lived in Oviedo, Spain. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Igor has reportedly called Putin a liar on social media and criticised Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He reportedly said in September last year: “Putin lies all the time.”

And he reprimanded his homeland for freeing jailed killers as long as they joined the army’s invasion force.

He said in October 2022: “Russia has become the first country in the world where the state actually offers assassins to kill more people to get out of prison.”

The family lived on the block’s fourth floor but the twins reportedly fell from the sixth floor.

Flowers and red hearts with glitter now adorn the entrance to the building in tributes left by neighbours.

The Oviedo City Council decreed two days of official mourning.

Neighbours reportedly told local media that the family was very well integrated into the neighbourhood and that the girls spoke Spanish very well.

The Oviedo City Councillor for Citizen Security, who has not been named, said of the twins: “They had just celebrated their birthday a few days ago.”

Some Spanish media reports describe the girls’ deaths as suicide and say police found drawings of dead people when they searched their room.

But Oviedo Mayor Alfredo Canteli said how the girls died is still unclear.

He said: “I can only show sadness. Right now we don’t know more and we don’t have official information because the only thing we know for sure is that two girls have left us.”

In April last year another Russian exile supposedly killed his entire family before commiting suicide in a case still being investigated by the Spanish authorities.


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