Unwelcome Blast From The Past As Civil War Bomb Found

Madrid´s Bomb Disposal Unit, TEDAX have uncovered and made safe a Civil War bomb that was discovered by accident in Calle Sagasta in central Madrid.

Police and Fire Department units were called to the address after the device was found yesterday, 27th January.

After evacuating the building and immediate area, police bomb disposal officers inspected the device and discovered that it was no longer able to detonate, before removing it.

The discovery of unwelcome remains of the Spanish Civil War are relatively frequent with dozens of incidents in Madrid every year.

Madrid was heavily bombed by the Nationalist air force during the Civil War especially at the outset when Franco´s forces tried to storm the capital in late 1936.

The failure of the offensive led to the Siege Of Madrid which lasted until the capitulation of the Republican government in 1939.

It is estimated that some 2,000 civilians were killed by the air raids.

Last week, a Civil Guard bomb disposal unit was able to remove and safely detonate an Italian bomb that had been dropped on the city of Zaragoza.

They had been alerted to it thanks to a 97 year old man who reported it after suddenly remembering a childhood memory of the bombing.







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