1st British Scouts Annual General Meeting 2020

The 1st British Scouts Madrid Troop will be holding it´s AGM online via zoom on 6 October at 20.00. If you would like to more information please email info@britishscoutsmadrid.com

Now in its 10th year, 1st Madrid BSO runs a wide Skills for Life Programme giving children self-confidence, adventure and fun.
The Troop encourages children to take on personal challenges in a supportive environment, whether climbing if they are nervous of heights or speaking publicly for the first time, their trained volunteers share skillsets they bring from their own world of work or hobbies, in line with the Scouting badge reward scheme.
Children are then able to mentor and help those younger than them as they take on leadership roles.
Activities are varied and include learning how to cook a simple meal, navigate to a meeting point,  how to administer basic first aid, hiking, kayaking, understanding culture and religion, but above all how to make friends and become part of a team.
Being a Scout means trying to understand the world around us and how to make a positive contribution to it.

1st Madrid British Scouting Overseas aim is to allow a continuity in Scouting for British expatriates or children of British parents, creating a transition to a new culture in a supportive environment.

To join the Madrid troop´s waiting list please contact membership@britishscoutsmadrid.com

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