Back To Work – Guide To Best Madrid Coworking Spaces

As we hopefully get back to a new normal routine in September, Amy Shia gives us her top 5 co-working spaces in Madrid

The effect of COVID-19 crisis and lockdown meant that more and more employees found that they no longer had to be chained to the office to do their job effectively, leading to a search for work-friendly cafes and spaces across the city. However, finding the best spots with the essentials, reliable and fast WiFi and great coffee (cheeky pastry on the side being optional) can be quite tricky. Here’s a list of our recommended favourites, each with something to offer and located across Madrid.

La Piscine

A COFFICE (coworking + office) option based in the trendy neighbourhood of Chueca that allows you to work flexibly rather than commit yourself to a pricey month-long membership. You can set up your laptop, and pay an hourly rate (for the space and Wifi usage) and then also take advantage of the bottomless coffee on offer with options to purchase snacks. Less office, more Cafe.

  • Address: Calle Campoamor, 5
  • Metros: Alonso Martínez/Chueca
  • Fees: Depends on usage.

The Shed Coworking

Situated in the Salamanca neighbourhood, this space boasts spacious rooms with natural light. You have the usual desk spaces and meeting rooms with the added perk of an outdoor terrace…and free coffee. An ideal location if you are looking for an environment that is bright, roomy and collaborative as there are plenty of opportunities for you to network with other professionals.

  • Address: 48, 1Dch Calle de Hermosilla, Madrid, Spain
  • Metro: Velázquez
  • Fees: Day pass €15, then between €150-€250/month depending on needs.

Impact Hub Madrid

One of the biggest cowering spaces across the city and boasting 6 impressive offices across several central neighbourhoods, Impact is a classic. Here, not only  will you find a range of options for meeting rooms, private offices and spaces but also opportunities to network through its many initiatives and activities/workshops on offer.

  • Address: Javier Ferrero, 10 (Prosperidad), Calle Alameda, 22 (Atocha), Calle Gobernador, 26 (Atocha), Calle Piamonte, 23 (Atocha), Serrano Anguita, 13 (Tribunal), Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1 ( AZCA).
  • Metro: Atocha, Tribunal, Chueca, Prosperidad- Check corresponding office location.
  • Fees: Ranging from €100/month (flexible hours, days, seats), or team spaces €260-290/month.


Already an established cowering space in the city (with 8 different locations) and also established in Barcelona, another city popular for remote workers. On offer here is a cafe, restaurant to serve those break time needs and more importantly, reasonably priced private offices, meeting rooms and open spaces for small teams and startups.

  • Address: Utopicus Francisco Silvela, Utopicus Castellana, Utopicus Paseo de la Habana , Utopicus José Abascal , Utopicus Orense, Utopicus Gran Via, Utopicus Colegiata.
  • Metro: Check corresponding office location.
  • Fees: There are 2 options: Flexible and Corporate, and prices range between €120-€300 /month.

Espiritu 23

Ideally situated in the heart of Malasaña, this space includes meeting rooms, cafes, a kitchen and holds workshops and activities for freelancers, startup companies and remote workers. If you are looking for a place where you can engage with others, a place with personality in one of the most liveliest areas of the city, then this it!

  • Address: Calle del Espíritu Santo 23
  • Metro: Tribunal/Noviciado
  • Fees: €10/day, €100-165 / month depending on needs.
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