Circo Price Back For Magical Christmas Show Season

Christmas in Madrid wouldnt be the same without the Circo Price´s festive show.

The Circo Price has been entertaining Madrid audiences for well over a century and a half.

Founded by empresario, Thomas Price, who brought his act acrobatic act from London in the late 1840´s the circus soon established itself as a true wonder for the growing population of Madrid to see.

After his death in 1877, the circus continued under the management of William Parrish, who had married Price´s adopted daughter Matilde de Fassi and who is credited with making it a permanent feature of Madrid´s entertainment scene with its own theatre in the city centre.

Their three children, Leonard, Charlie and Victoria, continued in the business after his death in 1917.

He is buried in the British Cemetery in Carabanchel.

The Circo Price has been wowing audiences ever since and their  classic Christmas is no different with the theatre transformed into an enormous toy shop.

The show is entitled the Cometa trilogy, the most peculiar heroine of all the galaxies of the universe who must confront Amargador, the evil king of a thousand disguises, formerly known as Mrs. Malasombra, whose dastardly plan is to take Christmas away.

All children who dare enter the Circo Price Theatre building will face having their Christmas ruined and presents stolen unless our heroine can save the day. Cometa is not willing to allow it. Together with her magical crew, she will travel the galaxies to save Christmas for all of us.

The Circo Price at Christmas show has been performing every year since 2006 with up to 80,000 visitors for each seasonal show.

The shows continue until Janaury 8th.



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