Fewer “Puentes” For 2024 As Madrid Public Holidays Revealed

The Official Spanish State Gazette has released the official list of all 14 public and bank holidays throughout Spain in 2024.

There are 12 national public holidays, of which nine will be common throughout Spain as well three where there are regional variations in Spain’s 17 autonomous communities, then two “local” holidays in each community´s municipalities.

For the Madrid region, there are some 179 municipalities, which range from the largest, being the capital itself, with a population of over 3.2 million to the smallest, the village of Madarcos in the Sierra of Madrid, with a population of just 48 people.

The national public holidays in Spain for 2024 are:

  • Monday, 1 January (New Year)
  • Saturday, 6 January (Epiphany of the Lord)
  • Friday, 29 March (Good Friday)
  • Wednesday, 1 May (Labour Day)
  • Thursday, 15 August (Assumption of the Virgin)
  • Saturday, 12 October (National Day of Spain)
  • Friday, 1 November (All Saints Day)
  • Friday, 6 December (Spanish Constitution Day)
  • Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day).

2023 was a pumber year for “puentes” with five long weekends and to compensate for the lack of this in 2024, the Madrid Community have 4 Thursday public holidays to make for long weekends.
The Madrid regional public holidays are Thursday March 28th, Thursday May 2nd ( Dos De Mayo ), Thursday 25th July ( Santiago de Compostela), Thursday 15th August ( La Virgin de la Paloma).
Then two “local” holidays for the capital being its patron saint, San Isidro on Wednesday 15th May and its virgin, Almudena, on Saturday 9th November.
For those with children in Madrid´s state schools there are a number of non lectivo days when there is no school.
These are 22nd and 23rd February, then the Easter break which includes 22nd March and 1st April and for those planning a super puente – Friday 3rd May is one for the diary to take advantage of the 1st and 2nd May breaks.






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