Firecraker Causes Pet Dog To Fall From Balcony In El Clasico Celebrations

A terrified pet dog leapt to its death from a seventh-floor apartment window after a football hooligan set off a firecracker when his team scored.

Municipal Police in Alcorcon, Madrid Region, central Spain reported the dog’s tragic demise after it plunged 80 feet to the ground.

The dog had been spooked by the bang of a firecracker thrown by a neighbour during a football match.

The fan had thrown the banger after Rodrygo slotted in Real Madrid’s third goal in the El Clasico derby with Barcelona on 16th October.

Alcorcon Municipal Police said in a statement later the same day: “This evening we intervened in Venus Street.

“A local celebrates their team’s goal by throwing a firecracker.

“Another local sees how his dog hurls itself from the window of a seventh-floor flat in panic.

“How about we stop using pyrotechnics during celebrations or at Christmas?”

A netizen claiming to be the sister of the dog’s owner replied: “This is Pita, the puppy you are talking about.

“It’s my brother’s, she was the best and sweetest dog in the world.

“Today my brother’s children, aged five and seven, are left without their furry sister, without their life companion and playmate.

“Today the pain is immense. Let’s put a stop to pyrotechnics, please.”

Police did not reveal if the dog’s owner had filed a report or if the person who threw the firecracker had been fined.


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