How Karim Benzema Has Improved With Age

Anyone who asks about who the best striker in the world right now is likely to get the usual answers. Robert Lewandowski continues to break records (sigue batiendo récords), with many claiming that the Polish striker is the best. However, Cristiano Ronaldo is still highly regarded, even if his current spell at Manchester United is not going well.

However, there is currently a significant number of football fans who believe that Karim Benzema at the peak of his long career. Obviously, saying that someone is the best in football is always going to be a subjective opinion, but there is more and more evidence around Benzema that supports these claims.

His three Champions League goals were in a category of their own.

Take, for example, the performance in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. Down 1 – 0 after 60 minutes, it looked like Real Madrid were going to be eliminated from the Champions League.

In fact, in the information of the bets of all live competitions ( de las apuestas de las live competitions), the bookmakers assumed that Madrid would be eliminated.

Seventeen minutes later, Benzema stunned PSG with a hat-trick. Just a few weeks earlier, Benzema had done the exact same thing against Chelsea.

He has become the most important player in Real.

It may not seem surprising that Benzema finds himself playing the best football of his life ( Benzema se encuentre jugando el mejor fútbol) at the age of 34.

It is a time when many players often consider retirement. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, in 2018 Benzema benefited from the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Madrid.

In Ronaldo’s last season at the club, Benzema only managed five league goals. During the years since the Portuguese’s departure, the player has scored 21, 21, 23 and 24 (current season).

All this without counting the goals in the Champions League and the Kings Cup.

Benzema benefits from being the main striker

The point is that Benzema is the most suitable to play in the positions on the field that Ronaldo occupied. It is true that both are great players, and that sometimes they get along well. However, Benzema was always the creator for Ronaldo. Being Madrid’s main striker, he benefits from being the one in charge of finishing off the goals.

Players tend to have longer careers today, and many can use their skill and experience in their 30s.

Lewandowski (33 years old), Ronaldo (37 years old), Edinson Cavani (35 years old), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40 years old), Lionel Messi (34 years old), Luis Suárez (35 years old) and many others continue to play at the highest level.

Would it have been possible 20 years ago?

However, we can say that, with the possible exception of Lewandowski, Benzema at  the best moment of his career.

This seems like a minor miracle as it should have been in a period of decline.

Whatever the reason, this is good news for Real Madrid Champions League final in Paris on 28th May.

And that’s also great news for France when Les Bleus go to the World Cup in November.

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