Last Chance To Catch “El Duende” At Flamenco Madrid

After a two-year pandemic induced haitus, ‘Flamenco Madrid’, the city’s 6th annual flamenco festival has been burning the blood for visitors and Madrileños alike this month.

The festival which brings its traditions, passions and colour has been taking to Madrid´s streets with singers and dancers performing for the public.

The festival started on 11th May and winds up for the finale this Sunday 29th May at the Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre in Colon.

This sixth edition of the festival is dedicated to Camarón de la Isla on the 30th anniversary of his death.

Camarón de la Isla has been hailed as the greatest singer of the art form in its history.

He died in Barcelona in July 1992.

The festival has been promoting a pluralistic approach to the genre whereby the traditional flamenco by artists such as Antonio Reyes and Pedro El Granaino, sits alongside more transgressive artists such as Rosario La Tremendita.

There has even been a flamenco piano recital given by exciting young artist, Antón Cortés.

One of this year’s most unique performances is Pájaros Flamencos (Flamenco Birds), which featured six singers performing outdoors, on bridges by the Manzares river as if they were birds singing from one side to the other.

The finale weekend programme is:


Thursday, 26 May

  • 8:30pm – Contenedor de Sueños CIA ANDANZAS – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala Jardiel Poncela)

Friday, 27 May

  • 8pm – Ser, ni conmigo ni sin mí MERCEDES DE CÓRDOBA – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala Guirau)

Saturday, 28 May

  • 7pm – Cuerpo Nombrado PAULA COMITRE – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala III)
  • 8pm – Bailes Extranhos JOSÉ MALDONADO & RITA NOTUEL – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala Guirau)


Thursday, 26 May

  • 10pm – Con Permiso DANI BONILLA AND CRISTINA TOVAR – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Terraza Papúa)


Friday, 27 May

  • 8:30pm – Soniquete ANTÓN CORTÉS – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala Jardiel Poncela)
  • 8:30pm – Zona Acordonada RAÚL CANTIZANO + LOS VOLUBLE – Conde Duque (Auditorium)

Saturday, 28 May

  • 1pm – En Recital JOSÉ VALENCIA – CentroCentro (Caja de Música Auditorium)
  • 7pm – Falla 3.0 CAMERATA FLAMENCO PROJECT – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala III)

Sunday, 29 May

  • 1pm – Clásicos a Dos MARÍA MEZCLE – Tablao de La Villa
  • 1pm – A Voz y Guitarra SANDRA CARRASCO & DAVID DE ARAHAL – CentroCentro (Caja de Música Auditorium)
  • 8pm – 30 años. Las Mujeres Cantan al Mito REMEDIOS AMAYA, LA KAITA, MONTSE CORTÉS AND LA FABI – Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre (Sala Guirau)




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