Raphael Rocks The Gran Via With Nostalgic Look Back

Spanish pop legend Raphael is back in town for a unique exhibition that coincides with the premiere on Movistar+ of the documentary on his life, Raphaelismo.

The Espacio Movistar of the Telefonica building on Gran Via is hosting the exhibition that covers his 60-year career until the 28th February.

The exhibition includes a display of film posters, records and outfits worn by the star in his concerts and films and includes early materials from before he became an international star.

The organisers have even included a karaoke style room where visitors can compose their own lyrics based on the titles of Raphael’s songs as well as a mini-recording studio where they can sing their favourite songs and even record a single that they can later take home.

His avid fans can be photographed imitating his classic gestures and then upload the snapshots to social networks or have them as a souvenir of their encounter with one of Spain’s most successful musical exports.

Raphael was born Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez in the Andalucian town of Linares in 1943.

The family moved to Madrid when he was very young and he had started singing by the age of four, soon earning him the nickname of “El Ruiseñor de Linares” (“the Nightingale of Linares”).

While still a teenager he was top billing in Spain having been noticed at the Benidorm International Song Festival and in 1966 and 1967 he hit international recognition representing Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. He came 6th and 7th.

He has gone on to sell an estimated 80 million records making him one of the best selling Spanish artists of all time.

In 1970 he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York and is credited with returning with a number of American singers to tour Francoist Spain, including Sammy Davis Jr.

In the 1960s he began a successful film career that continues to this day with the Movistar+ documentary.


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