Cristina Pedroche Gets Into Hot Water Over Naked Posts

A Love Island host has been torn off a strip for posting a saucy naked snap of herself from her own luxury beachside holiday in Mexico.

Spanish actress and TV presenter Cristina Pedroche, 34, shared the photograph of her in a swimming pool flaunting her naked booty with her 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

The photograph, which shows her reading a book while standing by the side of the pool, has received nearly 120,000 likes since it was shared and made headlines in Spain.

Pedroche, who hosted Love Island Espana, the Spanish version of the hit British tv show Love Island in 2021, captioned the snap (in Spanish): “Peace and disconnection.”

She had previously caused a stir wearing a revealing dress, presenting the 2019 New Year Celebrations from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Talk show host and comedian Cristina Pedroche poses naked in a pool in undated photo. She cause controversy posing compleatly naked while on holiday in Mexico, in November, 2022. (@cristipedroche/Newsflash)

But while many fans were amazed by her daring snap and complimented the star on her figure, others were less amused and wondered if she had gone too far.

One follower said: “Is this necessary? I understand that you can be so comfortable naked in your pool, but when you post this… What do you want? To be seen naked? This kind of thing is getting out of hand…”

Others appeared to accuse the Spanish bombshell of being a hypocrite, with one saying: “Disconnecting is pressing the disconnect button.”

And one user said she was simply doing “anything to gain followers”.

But many of her fans were delighted by the picture and saw nothing wrong with it, with one user saying: “Many will criticise you, in fact… the majority; but I am more of those who admire these things for the personality and self-esteem that it shows, not everyone is prepared to upload these things, and doing so is the culmination of feeling good and healthy enviable mentality.”



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